The 2016 Academy Awards

Specifically, the 88th Academy Awards. The Oscars are the most prestigious and glitzy awards ceremony around and this year was no exception, with the slight change in that, surprisingly, Leo won one. Congratulations mate, you earned it but I am out a tenner. Bit annoying but I’ll give you that one, Leo, and I blame myself for having more faith in the prevalence of a meme- a great meme- over his admittedly amazing acting ability.

And what award ceremony would be complete if it didn’t have a few jokes on the diversity of it all? Whether it’s Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes or Sacha Baron Cohen posing as “token black presenter” Ali G. This year’s host Chris Rock pointed out the lack of black actors being nominated, quite rightly saying “We want black actors to get the same opportunities” and joking that if it had come down to a vote, Neil Patrick Harris would have been the host of the evening, and not him.

Despite the lack of diversity, which has become almost like a running joke that’s gone on too long, the Oscars were quite amazing, with Mad Max: Fury Road doing phenomenally well and winning 6 out of the 10 awards it was nominated for. Which is, yeah, pretty decent, actually.

Winning Best Costume Design and Makeup & Hairstyling, Mad Max was a stylistically and visually quite phenomenal with Furiosa causing quite a stir; everyone from make-up bloggers and voggers to costumers and cosplayers to couture magazines discussing her ‘look’ and how to imitate it. However, someone needs to talk about the Costumes and Makeup in The Revenant. Even if you ignored all the other actors and just looked at Leo himself, he looked quite astounding. That ice in his beard? That was wax.


That takes talent and, as great as the makeup department of Mad Max was, The Revenant does need to get a special mention for what incredible work they did.

What you need for the water cooler:

Leo won. No one will mention anything else.

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