An interview with Sonesh Joshi

Sonesh Joshi is the writer and creator of Kuruz, a story about a group of heroes and villains from all over the Earth being teleported to the mysterious planet of Kuruz. Together, they must find a way back home, co-exist with the natives and survive on a world ruled by a dictator.With each story being drawn by a different artist, Kuruz is reflective of today’s dynamic and shifting society, and the story itself tells of how we must come together to overcome certain obstacles we all face.


Hello Sonesh! First of all, how did you get into comics?

Spider-Man was my favourite character growing up. I watched the 90’s cartoon show, which then transitioned into me reading Spider-Man comics. I started reading during the “infamous” Clone Sage, which to be honest I really enjoyed.

What made you want to start creating them?

I really admired the comic artwork so I decided to create my own Spider-Man comic. I soon discovered that I needed a story, and thus I started writing my own Spider-Man comic and fell in love with the writing aspect of it all.


Where did you get the inspiration for ‘Kuruz?’

Realising I couldn’t simply just go up to Marvel and start writing Spider-Man comics, I decided to create my own characters and stories. I wanted to produce something unique, something that incorporated a more “worldly” feel, instead of being focused in specific cities.

I felt the concept of Kuruz, heroes and villains from across the world being teleported to another planet would help us learn about different people and different places. Also, the fact that they must work together to find a way back home ties in with how right now the human race needs to work together towards a prosperous future.

What are you currently working on?

I am working on Kuruz: One By One, which is a sequel to the first volume, Kuruz: The Arrival.

Volume 2 continues the story as Earth’s heroes and villains deal with the recent shocking events, new alliances are formed, loyalty is tested and the characters endure an emotional roller coaster ride from which they may never recover from. Opportunity presents itself in the form of returning back home to Earth. But as hope is restored, the element of danger escalates and in the end…who will live to see Earth again?

I understand you’re a photographer, did having a creative background in this help you with your comic?

With regards to photography and creating comics, I think you really need to not only have a creative background, but to also be very creative person in general. I have been doing photography for around 5 years, and being creative with my photos has helped me apply that same mentality towards my writing.


Do you yourself have a favourite comic or artist?

Oh, too many to list! I started reading Daredevil when Kevin Smith was writing it, and been reading it since. Daredevil, in my opinion, has been the most stellar book I’ve read and the high quality involved has been very consistent.

My favourite artist would be Mark Bagley. When I first started reading Spider-Man, Bagley’s work was the first thing I saw and I’ve been a fan of his ever since. Another favourite is Michael Turner, I just love this style. Also, Jim Lee for his realistic take on characters.

Who has been the biggest influence on your comic and how has that person changed your work?

JM DeMatteis, a spectacular writer who, much like Mark Bagley, was the first writer I was exposed to and so I try to connect with the readers on an emotional front. Brian Michael Bendis, the way he writes dialogue is so natural. Mark Waid, I learnt alot from him on how to keep the reader in suspense.

The combination of all three really helped me examine how to produce an engaging story through emotion, dialogue and the need to find out what happens next.

Finally, Sonesh would urge young artists to stay positive while trying to break into the industry.

Quite often you’ll run into roadblocks or obstacles and giving up would be the easiest thing to do. If you have an idea then run with it and follow it through. Also, go attend comic conventions and visit indie creators, they’ll not only be able to give you advice but you may end up finding a bunch of like-minded people to work with. Being around creative people will definitely help you creatively.

If you’re interested in finding more about Sonesh’s upcoming projects or in reading Kuruz, you can follow his progress on Facebook, take a gander at his photos or back him on Kickstarter.


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