Chibi-Con at the University of Essex

chibi-conChibi-Con is coming and I am ludicrously excited.

What is it?

Chibi-Con is the first anime convention to grace the University of Essex with its presence and it’s being hosted and organized by the Anime and Manga Society.

When is it?

It’s being held on Saturday the 25th of February, between the hours of 10AM and 6AM but final entry is at 5:30PM.

What is there to do?

Be prepared for dancers, stalls, guest speakers, exhibitors, a fashion show, a cosplay parade and more!

Where can I sign up?

You can buy your tickets at and they cost £4.00 each as well as a small processing fee.

What if I want to contact the fine people of Chibi-Con?

You can get in touch with them in one of the following ways:


Twitter- @UoEAnimeManga


See you there!

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