A look at LifeLog


Have you ever played on a games console and done a specific move that unlocks an achievement and wins you some points? If you apply that to real life, you’re left with something that looks a lot like LifeLog. LifeLog is a new social media app that earns you points for completing things in daily life as well as extreme events. You can get achievements from uploading a profile picture to winning a Nobel prize for medicine. This week, This Nerd had a talk with founders Mike and Andy Starkey all about the app and where it’s heading next.

First of all, how did you come up with LifeLog?

The idea came about in part due to my online gaming experience and because I felt that an in-game style achievement system would fit perfectly with a social media of some description. To create a place where people could get that sense of reward for the great things they are doing in life. I also wanted to improve how we, as a society, perceive social media platforms. – Mike

This is what a typical user’s profile looks like

How long did it take from the initial idea to get where you are now?

From the initial idea, it’s been about five years. We spent a lot of time developing the concept, building prototypes and trying to figure out what we wanted LifeLog to be. This time has allowed us to go through an intensive trial and error process to get things right.   – Andy

What are you hoping it will do in terms of making people’s lives different?

We’re hoping to change social media in general as we feel it’s become stagnant. By encouraging people to get out there and experience more, people will actually have something worth sharing. We want to build a community of LifeLoggers who can get together and tackle the big achievements together. We saw how sociable strangers became with Pokemon go, so we know that LifeLog can become sociable media!  – Mike

Its currently only available on iPhone, will you be bringing it to windows any time soon?

Our next goal is to get an Android version out there. We’re thinking about running a Kickstarter campaign to speed up this process. If all goes to plan a Windows phone and a browser version will come later. –Andy


Will it continue to be updated with new achievements?

Absolutely, it will constantly be updated with new achievements! –Mike

What if we have a good idea for an achievement for LifeLog?

We receive requests and ideas for achievements on a daily basis via email, Facebook and through the app itself. We’re also working on uploading new achievement faster. We always welcome achievement ideas as we don’t always have the subject knowledge to create desirable achievements, or the humorous names for them. It can be difficult not to miss something, so any information is welcomed. –Mike

Are you working on anything else?

Apart from LifeLog I am working on something else to do with cybernetics, but it’s too early to talk about that just yet 😉 –Andy

If you want to keep up with LifeLog, you can follow the founders on Twitter or give it a like on Facebook.

Twitter: @MikeStarkey_LL          @Andy_Starkey

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LifeLogOfficial/

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