The inspiration for the Demon Accord novels?


John Conroe is the author of the Demon Accord novels and has just released another book in the series entitled Snake Eyes, which will be available on audible this month. He is also the author of the stand alone novel Black Frost.


What was your inspiration for the Demon Accord novels?
Oddly enough it may have been Twilight. Did I just admit that? Yeah, I guess I did. Anyway, my daughters went through a Twilight phase and wanted me to read it. When I got done I remember being rather put out that the vampires sparkled. It also bothered me that the whole book was really just a romance novel. I had already arrived at the conclusion that much of the paranormal genre was romance, written for women, mostly by women. I wanted to something for men. So I thought of an unusual human who came to the attention of powerful vampires and the rest just took off.


How did you come up with the main character?
A lot of heroes end up running around beating their heads on rocks trying to save the day, getting captured and beat up and finally resolving the situation through perseverance and luck. They make the same mistakes over and over, getting beat down multiple times by the villains before overcoming the obstacles through sheer tenacity. While that’s a fine object lesson in not giving up, I was tired of it. It seems that most villains would just kill the hero without monologues. I wanted a hero that could defeat most enemies but struggled with his own internal demons, so to speak.


Is there going to be an end point to the series or will he be making these books forever?


I don’t know about forever, but I have such a wide stomping ground to muck around in and enough interesting characters that I feel I’ll be writing within the DA universe for some time.


snake eyes

Which book of the series is your favorite so far?
That’s like asking which child is my favorite. But I am a little partial to College Arcane. College is such a fun time in peoples’ lives and how interesting (and outright dangerous) would it be to go to school with werewolves and witches?

What was the shift from banking to writing like?
I’ll have to tell you when it happens – I still work both jobs. It’s the financial planner in me (not to mention kids in college).
Who is your favorite author?
I am very partial to Jim Butcher, Patty Briggs and Ilona Andrews. Not sure I could narrow it down without a gun to my head.
What are you currently working on?
Winterfall, book 12 of the Demon Accords. It’s really two books in one and follows both Declan and Chris.

Keep at it.

Develop a discipline. Write everyday (or like I do, every workday). Hire a good editor and cover illustrator.

Test your story on friends, family and acquaintances (anyone that will give you unvarnished feedback). Then send it out into the world via self-publishing. Read the reviews and laugh at the mean ones, but take the honest critiques and hone your next story accordingly.


You can keep up to date with John over at his website.


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