Milk and Honey with that?

Giancarlo D’Alessandro is the creator of Milk and Honey, an anthology of the work of previously unpublished artists and writers. He currently has a Kickstarter aimed at making this anthology a reality. So, over to the man himself!
What’s the story behind Milk and Honey?
Milk & Honey is a collection of short comics and illustrations from a international group of cartoonists. In every issue we also interview professionals who use comics in their jobs. We have one issue available as a digital download only right now, but our second one is aiming to have a regular supply of physical issue through Kickstarter. It first started about this time last year when I was visiting with some friends who were learning about cartooning at SCAD in Savannah, GA. They had some work from their semester that they wanted publish, but didn’t have the mean too. It was intended to be just a local thing to the campus but the response from it took it into another direction.
Why did you want to create an anthology of unpublished work?
I myself have just started regularly drawing and working on my first graphic novel right now, but having no idea what to do with it when it is complete, my original intention was to self publish it. This magazine was a sort of practice of that but I’m glad that it has become something bigger. The chance to give other artists to have their name now in print and create a community of artists that might not of found each other before has been a great opportunity.

How did your authors and artists find each other? 
These first two issue have been a lot of people that I already know through a couple different circles of friends. A lot of them I meet from my hometown in Southeastern NC, and a lot of them from a convention I regally attend all about graphic independent publishing called Small Press Expo that takes place in the Washington DC area. Its a great weekend party for cartoonists and a lot of the people there who are in our upcoming issue knew each other already through having tables near each other. Another school that I support and love that has a big crowd there every year is the Center of Cartoon Studies. Three of their alumni have been in Milk & Honey so far.

How many anthologies do you hope to create?
I don’t see Milk & Honey as a huge ongoing thing, but I like the idea of having a quarterly magazine come out, and as it grows we will get some themes and ideas and structure behind it. Already our upcoming issue is leaps and bounds above our original experiment, so I hope it continues for quite some time.

Who is your favourite artist? 
Currently, it is Brandon Graham. His detail in his cityscapes, especially in King City, are amazing. Some of his stuff is a little NSFW, but over all its great stuff.

If you could work with anyone, who would you work for? 
If I could work with anyone, I would love to have a cover for one of my issues be made by Dan Bandit, superstar background and art designer for Adventure Time, or I call him, the inventor of Finn’s Treehouse.

Where can I buy Milk and Honey?
Right now the only way to buy a copy is through preordain a copy via the Kickstarter crowdfunding page going on right now. By the end of the month, I plan to have a proper website and storefront up. But please follow our Facebook, and Tumblr for when we announce them.

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