Tallulah on Lolita

Tallulah lolita

Tallulah Maait Pepperell is a Lolita living in the U.K. and was kind enough to tell me a little bit about all things Lolita! I always see her around my campus wearing really amazing things and so over to Tallulah!

Hi Tallulah! So for those that don’t know, what is Lolita?

Lolita is a Japanese street fashion that started in the early 1990’s. It takes its look from a mix of inspirations: Victorian dolls and Rococo fashion being two that really stand out. There are three main substyles: Sweet, which focuses on cute motifs and pastel colours, Classic, which focuses on more refined, elegant style, and Gothic: which focuses on combining Gothic style with the Lolita style.

Is it simply a fashion?

It varies. For me, it is simply a fashion. I don’t change who I am when I wear it, or what I do, I’m still Tallulah when I put it on. For others, they may choose to emulate certain mannerisms or adapt a lifestyle around the fashion. Some may take up hobbies they associate with the style: such as embroidery, but it’s not a requirement and many people simply wear Lolita as they would any other fashion style.

Is there much of a community in the U.K.?

There is! There is a main group called the Tea Party Club, who organise London-based meetups including a large event that happens every year which attracts Lolitas from all over the world. There are also many smaller communities based around cities or areas.

Tallulah lolita 3

When did you get into it?

I got into Lolita when I was 17. I saw a picture of two girls wearing it online and something in my brain just went “Yes. This is what I want to look like. This is how I want to dress.”

What draws you to it?

I love the way it looks. I wear Sweet Lolita mostly, and I love how sweet and cute it is to wear, I love the colours and the motifs on the dresses. I love how bright and fun it is, it always brightens up my day to put Lolita on. It also helps that I feel really pretty when I wear it!

Tallulah lolita 2

For people that want to start exploring it themselves how do you recommend they start?

I would recommend starting on Lolita advice blogs such as lolita-tips.tumblr.com. This blog has a great FAQ section which outlines the main points of Lolita, the main staples of the fashion, and also reblogs example pictures from the brands who make it and people who wear it. I would recommend taking time to get the basics of the fashion down: the silhouette, the specific look, as Lolita can actually be quite a complicated fashion to wear.

If you want to keep up to date with Tallulah, you can follow her on Instagram.

Instagram: aliceoutofreality


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