I asked the internet to roast me and it was gloriously horrendous 

I’ve asked the internet for help before. The internet has explained many things to me like how stock markets work and more recently how to woo my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, which you may remember me writing about a few months back. This time I asked the internet to ‘Roast me’ on a Reddit forum and it went exactly how you’d expect it to.

reddit blog
This is the picture me and my mate Hope uploaded.

This is an example of the stuff I got back.

How this process works is you take a photo of yourself holding a sign that says ‘Roast me’ so everyone knows you’re on board, because a joke isn’t a joke unless everyone is involved, kids. Then a moderator approves your post and the internet comes for you.

Me and Hope were in a good mood, we were drinking a little and suddenly a lightbulb goes off.

“Hey, why don’t we ask people to roast US?” I said, intelligently.

“What a fun idea that lacks poor thinking!”

I’m sure our exchange was SOMETHING like this. We uploaded the photo and were away. In 5 minutes, we had attracted 20 comments. In an hour we had 80. At the end of the night we attracted 250 comments and by the end of the week we were featured on a College Humor article about the worst roasts of all time. Everyone I had never spoken to for 5 years sent me messages so it was lovely for everyone to get back in touch with lovely messages like, “Lol you do look like a melted Frankie Muniz.”

I learnt several things from this experience.

  • If you approve an internet disclaimer saying that people are going to be awful to you if you proceed, people are probably going to be awful.
  • Don’t be surprised when people are awful. You asked them to be.
  • People are wonderfully creative.
  • I look like “Dollar store Elijah Wood”
  • I look like Conan O’Brien.
  • I look like a melted Frankie Muniz.
  • I look like a Meth: Not even once advert.
  • I can take a joke.

Honestly, I actually surreal enjoyed this experience. For the most part, everyone was funny and when someone wasn’t funny and was just rude, they got downvoted into oblivion. This Nerd did reach out to Elijah Wood and Frankie Muniz for their thoughts but they declined to respond.

Hope, what did you think about all this?

I found it quite amusing having my main flaws be pointed out to me with a comedic undertone but at the same time slightly disheartening knowing other people saw the same flaws as I.

Have you ever been roasted? Got any roasts for me? Comment below!

Feeling brave? I dare you.

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RoastMe/


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