ThisNerd’s guide to party games


If you’re anything like This Nerd, the sort of parties you’re invited to normally have a few of the old favourites of party games as well as someone who has brought along a couple of actual board games. Here is This Nerd’s guide to the best games to play when you’re drunk.

Never have I ever– Suggested by Chloe

Chances are someone will have done something. You just have to get them sufficiently drunk with ‘Never have I ever ridden a bike’ ones first.

Wild Kings– Suggested by Ben

‘ It’s an app you can get from the iPhone App Store and it’s amazing.’

Dungeons and dragons– suggested by Tom

I do absolutely love the idea of playing this game when you’re drunk. It can already be amazing when you’re sober so playing it at a party would require some planning, but would probably be worth it.

Cards against humanity–  suggested by Rob

A firm favourite among everyone. The best part about this game is you’ll think everyone is quite and innocent and within 10 minutes you’re all laughing about genocide. What a game.

Codenames– Suggested by This Nerd

This game is amazing. The general gist of it is you have two teams a board with loads of random words on it. Each team takes turns nominating someone to ‘see’ which cards your team needs to win and then giving hints to their team. Stuff like, ‘Cabbage, 4.’ So you’d hope your team guess leaf, salad, grow and horrendous but not vegetable because that belong’s to the other team. I have very fond memories of playing this when my boyfriend first met my dad and stepmother when the boys were paired together. My dad’s were horrendous, ‘Locke, 7’ and poor Jen’s kept panicking and saying ‘Um, Egg, 1.’ I’m making it sound bad but it’s honestly great.

Comment below and tell This Nerd what your go to party game is!

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