How to lose friends and alienate people


I’ll be honest. This game is my favourite board game of all time. It’s the first one I played at Rob’s board game club and I loved it playing it. But I’ve played it since and it can be the most frustrating thing you will ever experience. Whenever people tell me they hate Monopoly because it causes arguments I look them dead in the eye and calmly, even confidently, tell them they don’t know what they’re talking about.

The general play of the game is simple. You have a stack of cards that you can replenish your five-card hand with, and these cards allow you to buy property, screw your friends over and place minions.


For reference, the map looks like this and all of those areas are available for a player to purchase so they can build a house on them. Building houses on areas you own, remind you of any other aforementioned stressful pastimes? Anyway. It’s all fun and games for a while.


Then someone gives you a card like this. They know you don’t have $5. They can see that. Ben has loads! Give it to Ben! But no. Dr Whiteface is yours and that’s it. Your hand is clogged the rest of the game.

And everyone has a different objective. Some want people in 7 areas, some want loads of money, some want to create as much trouble as possible and some just want the deck to run out. It’s chaos. It’s hell. I love it. Whenever I’m going somewhere that requires I bring a board game, for often than you’d expect, this is the one I always bring without fail. It’s so great.

If you can, I really recommend getting your hands on it or getting a bit cozier with someone who is already lucky enough to own it. Play on!

Have you ever played? What did you think? Comment below so This Nerd can find out what other people think!

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