Richard and the Audio Sprite

The Audio Sprite describes himself as a video game remix artist but Richard Tulk has many strings to his bow, literally. Richard is a musician that not only remixes the music of the games that provided the soundtrack to your childhood but he has recently released his first original album. It’s called the Chaos and the Dove and its available online. Its a different sound to the Audio Sprite project and the tracks offer something totally new and Blues-y but still have a nostalgic feel to them.


As the Audio Sprite, you remix video game themes, my personal favourite being Sonic The Hedgehog 2 : Rockin’ With Robotnik! How did the idea for the Audio Sprite channel come about?


It actually all started as something fun for my siblings. Our household was always a gaming one, so when I became interested in music, they would ask me to learn various gaming themes on the guitar. Once I had the resources and experience to record myself, it seemed like a natural progression to put some of my covers and remixes out there. Turns out other people liked to hear it too.


The remixes are varied in their style and some of them have a slight experimental feel to them. Is there a kind of music you would like to work with more?


I would LOVE to do some tracks in a swing/jazz style. It’s just an incredibly tricky genre of music to imitate.


How have you used the internet in sharing and creating your music?


Mainly by being persistent, to the point of annoyance for some I’m sure! Haha! Seriously though once I had the basic recordings, it was just a case of doing my research into what platforms where available online. Social networking is great, but even then some work far better than others. It’s a matter of finding what works for you, then keeping at it.


How would you describe the style of your recently released EP? Have you been influenced/inspired by a particular band?


Ah now that’s a tricky one! There is a lot of passion and emotion going into the full album, so I wanted to give people a taste of this in the E.P. I’m a firm believer in the balance of the universe, shadows and light, fury and peace etc. So I’m hoping when “Chaos and the Dove” is released people will get that vibe from it, there are as many melodic and tranquil songs as there are fast and furious.


How did manage your time creating an EP while also continuing to build up your Audio Sprite remixes?


With the Audio Sprite project, I usually make remixes in a block or set that I can release throughout the year, just in case for any reason I’m unable to record or remix. So when the idea was forming to do an original album away from that, I made sure to have plenty in the tank to tide me over!


What excited you most about making your own EP?


Actually going back to my roots. When I first started to play I would play listen to guitarists like Hank Marvin, Joe Satriani, Eric Clapton and Slash, absorbing every little note and technique. So to develop my own and go back to that feeling has been wonderful, hopefully it shines through in the music too.


I know people who have tried to remix songs and they found it next to impossible. How did you get involved in this kind of music?


A LOT of research. I wasn’t even sure anyone actually made video game remixes or would care to hear them. Thank fully I managed to network and connect with others who were doing the same, picking up advice and experimenting with ideas of my own. Many sleepless nights spent on trial and error, it’s still the way to be honest, I don’t think you ever stop learning with music.


There is a growing movement in the art world to ensure that artists get paid for the work they do, not just in exposure. What are your feelings on that?


I’m kind of divided on that subject. For the Audio Sprite project I usually issue my works for free, as I’m sampling and taking the works of someone else, I don’t feel it would be just or right to then charge for that, any money made from it goes towards a local charity helping to fight children’s cancer. With original work however I think it’s only fair and right that artists should be paid, the time and effort put into those works is more than deserving, however, if you’re in it purely for the money then you’re likely in for a bit of a shock.


How can we support you?


A: Simply by doing things like this. Helping to spread the word, sharing across social networks can open up so many possibilities. Truth be told I’m forever grateful for anyone who stops on by to check out my works.



If you could get a front row ticket to any line up, who would you choose? Living or dead.


Oh wow. If I had to choose they would be

The Eagles


The Shadows


In no particular order!


Join me in follow Richard on Twitter, Facebook and check out his Soundcloud and Bandcamp!


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