ThisNerdCan is a project I started in my second year of University that aimed to explore the less seen but still awesome geeky happenings. I interviewed local comic book artists, board game makers and other nerdy creators. Since then, it’s grown into something that showcases the work of everyone, no matter how big and or small. My aim is to empower artists into sharing their ideas and creating something out of them and to allow people to discover and support the artistic projects going on all around them. Independent graphic novels funded solely on Kickstarter, aerial artists that choreograph elaborate twirls on hoops 10 feet off the ground, board game creations from first timers and amazingly intricate costumes made by seasoned cosplay pros, the second album from a band that only use rusty spoons and Tupperware. Whatever it may be,

I want to create a platform for creative people to show off what they’ve brought into the world


This project has taught me how to support the artists in my life and how to empower myself through art and creation and I want it to do that for you too. After all, we are all nerds that can. Put aside any doubt you have about yourself and pick up a paintbrush, a camera, some facepaint, a needle, a pen or, in my case, a long chrome pole and do something! Or somehow combine all of those things to conjure up something no one else has ever seen. Contact me about any artists or projects that you think are exciting and wish more people knew about. I’d love to chat and will talk about nearly anything so don’t be afraid to say hi!