Pole dance

As well as running ThisNerdCan, I am also a Pole Dance instructor, which is a pretty cool way to spend time as I wait for blogging to come back into fashion. I can say with a good degree of confidence and with no real uncertainty that while 2018 is not the resurgence of ‘the blog’ it is the year to learn something new. Exercise in general offers you reduced stress, increased stamina and allowing you to build muscle but pole dance gives you all of this with the added benefits of being able to spin and twirl to your heart’s content, invert your body so you’re upside down, increase your flexibility and have loads of fun while you work out.


My classes will be running in Newtown, Wales and are for beginners to the sport. We’ll be going through how to safely use the pole, learning how to do spins and tricks all while building up muscle and flexibility together. Pole is for everyone and no matter what your age or ability is, we all have to start somewhere. If this sounds like something you’d love to do but something is standing in your way, email me at thisnerdcan@gmail.com or give me a ring on 07578 742 383 and let’s talk.